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New Canadian Study on Parkinson's Disease

The National Population Health Study of Neurological Conditions has been completed. Click here to learn more and to read the report yourself.

Share your story with your local MP

Earlier this year, the National Population Health Study of Neurological Conditions was completed. The Study will provide some much needed evidence of the challenges faced by Canadians whose lives are impacted by neurological conditions.

Currently, the Minister of Aging/Seniors will announce the completion and publication of the report at an event taking place in Ottawa Sept 11-12. As many of us know though, Parkinson and other neurological conditions affect not only seniors, but those with young onset as well.

To make sure that this announcement reaches the widest audience possible, and to ensure that the younger population is not left behind in the neurological/brain discussion, we and the Neurological Health Charities of Canada (NHCC) are requesting that the announcement be made at the beginning of the event, by the Minister of Health.

In preparation for this announcement, we would like you to share your story. The NHCC is requesting that letters be sent by people living with Parkinson’s or those caring for people with Parkinson's to their local MP with a copy to the Minister of Health. As many letters as possible are needed, including letters from those diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s so that it is understood that the study is not only about seniors.

Download the letter template (Word Document Format) or contact us to learn more.

Regional Conference: October 24-25, 2014

October 24th: Dinner with keynote speaker Dr. Joseph DeSouza, Mechanisms Behind Dance Therapy


October 25th: Full day, with lunch

Dr. Ron Postuma, The Everything Else of Parkinson's Disease

Dr. Galit Kleiner-Fisman, Living Well with Parkinson's

Location: Westin, Bristol Place, Toronto

Register Online

Parkinson Education Forum: 

New Parkinson’s Treatment Options: Duodopa® & Deep Brain Stimulation

Key note speakers: Dr. Alfonso Fasano and nurse specialists from the Movement Disorders Centre of Toronto Western Hospital.

More details

Register online (September 30 | November 12

Bill 21 Passes Final Vote: A Step in the Right Direction

Parkinson Society is pleased to announce that Bill 21, the Employment Standards Amendments Act (Leaves to Help Families), 2014, passed third reading with all party support in the Ontario legislature. The legislation will allow caregivers to focus their attention on what matters most -- providing care to their loved ones -- without the fear of losing their job. To continue reading, please click here.

Expert Webinar Series

Parkinson Society Canada will deliver its first Expert Webinar Series. These sessions are specifically designed for professionals who treat Parkinson’s and movement disorder patients.

These interactive sessions will be led by Canada’s leading Parkinson’s experts. For the list of upcoming webinars, please click here or visit

Parkinson's Early & Young Onset Support Groups in the Region

Please click here to view details.

Young Onset Parkinson disease (YOPD) is a Parkinson diagnosis before the age of 40 and Early Onset Parkinson disease (EOPD) is a diagnosis between the ages of 41 and 60. 









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