'Get it on time' campaign

People with Parkinson’s disease need to get their medication on time, at home, in an emergency room, in a long-term care facility. This could mean giving them medication at a different time from the usual rounds. When people with Parkinson’s don’t get their medication on time, every time, Parkinson’s symptoms can get out of control and people can become very ill.

Parkinson Canada has launched the Get it on time campaign to improve the quality of life of people with Parkinson’s disease. We want to help hospital and care facility staff understand Parkinson’s better. We want them to understand what happens to people when they don’t get their medication on time.

If people with Parkinson’s get medication on time, this will:

  • shorten hospital stays
  • reduce the need for readmission after discharge from hospital
  • reduce the burden on individuals, families, hospital and care facility staff

Parkinson Canada thanks Parkinson’s UK for sharing its award winning program and allowing us to develop and implement it for Canadians.

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