Regional Spokesperson Saphia Khambalia

In October 2012 we began working with The Weather Network's Saphia Khambalia.

Saphia Khambalia is an award-winning broadcast journalist, who currently can be seen as one of the National Anchors with The Weather Network.

She's also a SuperWalker!

Saphia’s grandfather was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2008.

In March 2014, her grandfather and grandmother passed away. Click here to get to get to know their beautiful story. 

In the time between Saphia's grandfather's diagnosis and her involvement with Parkinson Canada, she became acutely aware of the challenges faced by her grandfather individually and the strain that a diagnosis of Parkinson’s places on the entire family. Particularly noteworthy were some of the non-motor symptoms that can come with Parkinson’s that aren’t always discussed as part of the reality of living with a movement disorder.

In her role as Regional Spokesperson for Ontario Saphia hopes to bring heightened awareness to the organization, its events, and Parkinson’s in general. She works closely with the society to bring coverage to a number of major events (including Cut-A-Thon for Parkinson's, Parkinson SuperWalk, the Hope in Bloom Tulip Campaign and third party events) as well as to relevant issues and news on Parkinson’s. Parkinson Canada is thrilled to have her support.

“I joined the Society because there are many issues that I think I can help bring greater understanding to given my role with in the public eye and with The Weather Network. I’ve seen first-hand the impact that Parkinson’s has on the person and the family. I think by opening the conversation in a broader context I will help to address an issue that is very important to me – the impact of stigma and negative perceptions on the person with Parkinson’s and those that care for them. I want others to know this disease isn’t a death sentence. You CAN live an active life with Parkinson’s and while we’re at it, we can strive for a future with a cure. Parkinson’s is a disease that the general public is not fully aware of, and, this can lead to confusion and misunderstanding of the person with Parkinson’s. This is compounded in ethnic communities.”

Saphia Khambalia lived and worked as a reporter in Sudbury and Windsor before covering the 2010 World Cup nationally for CBC Sports. She then went on to spend the next three years as a Toronto news reporter with CityTV. Saphia joined the on-air roster at The Weather Network in 2015 where she now works as a national weather anchor and reporter. CNO Spokesperson Saphia Khambalia has participated in a number of events since joining the fold, including Parkinson Cut-a-thon 2013.

Born in Ottawa and raised in the Hamilton-Niagara area, Saphia graduated from Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Journalism. She was honoured with one of the prestigious Donaldson Scholar Awards in 2009. She's been awarded and funded by the Canadian Millennium Goals to travel to East Africa and work as an international journalist, where she followed her roots and shot a mini-documentary.

Saphia counts herself privileged to be part of the great groups of hardworking, passionate and talented people at TWN, and Parkinson Canada. She’s thankful to the viewers who let The Weather Network into their homes every day, allowing her to bring them the important weather information and initiatives that are truly reflective of their community. Saphia currently lives in the Oakville-Mississauga area. She and her husband welcomed their first child in 2013.

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